Product Description

CSSG Intrusion resistant safety glass is a high-quality composite that combines the properties of Kuraray SentryGlas® Plus with the abrasion resistance of glass. The thickness and composition of glass will depend on the degree of protection required. It can withstand the prolonged attack from heavy objects, crowbars, axes, and other hands tool.

CSSG Intrusion safety glass is designed to counter the threat from force entry that can kill and injure people.

Product Features

– Non-spalling

– Anti-Lacerative

– UV protection


– Airports.
– Hotels.
– Prisons.
– Retail Outlets.
– Homes.
– Bank.
– Jewelry store.
– Embassies.


Product Size (MM) Product Thickness (MM)
Type of Process  Minimum  Maximum  Minimum Maximum
Intrusion Resistant Glass 300mm x 300mm 2400mm x 4800mm  6mm   38mm
Color Clear