Product Description

CSSG Insulation Glass comprises two or more layers of glass separated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed with sealants.

Product Features

– Reducing the heat gain and heat loss.

– Preventing the vapor condensation.

– Helps in sound insulation and improves the acoustics of the place.

– Reduction in the amount of direct sunlight and UV rays.

– Can act as a safety and security window, depending on the composition of glass layers.


Use in all construction projects which required strict control on temperature and noise such as office high-rise building, hotel, commercial center, hospitals.


– Insulation glass must be carefully sealed with a silicone sealant to prevent any leakage of the air that is present in between the glass panes.

– Any leakage might result in condensation and damage of the insulated glass unit.

– Once damaged, the glass pieces cannot be removed and repaired because of which the whole window will have to be replaced.

Product Size (MM) Product Thickness (MM)
Type of Process  Minimum  Maximum  Minimum Maximum
Insulation Glass  300mm x 300mm  2400mm x 6000mm  6mm  38mm
Color  Clear