Product Description

CSSG Heat-Strengthened Glass is a heat treated glass with a residual surface compression greater than 3,500 psi and less than 10,000 psi, or edge compression greater than 5,500 psi and less than 9,700 psi. This glass complies with stringent international standards such as ANSI 97.1, BS 6206 and AN/NZS 2208.

Heat-Strengthened Glass has a lower residual stress and is only 2 times stronger than ordinary glass. It is not considered a safety glass (if used in a single piece) and if broken, forms large pieces.

Product Features

– Twice as strong as annealed glass from the same thickness.

– Higher bending strength and more resistant.

– Heat strengthened glass offers good resistance to thermal stress.


– When heat treated glass is necessary, CSSG recommends the use of heat strengthened glass for applications that do not specifically require a safety glass product.


– Heat strengthened glass cannot be drilled, cut or edged after being heat treated.

– All dimensions and specifications must be determined before the glass is heat treated.

Product Size (MM) Product Thickness (MM)
Type of Process  Minimum  Maximum  Minimum Maximum
Heat Strengthened Glass 300mm x 300mm  2400mm x 4800mm 4mm  19mm
Color Clear,Bronze, Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, A Blue, Cld Blue, Green, Light Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey

Heat Strengthened Glass had been test Quality by TUV Rheinland LGA of United State.