Product Description

As the growing complexity of contemporary design, (e.g. variety of curved shapes), it has also led to an increase in demand of different shapes of glass. Bended Glass is a heat treated glass with a residual surface compression less than 10.000PSI or an edge compression less than of 9.700 PSI.

Product Features

1. Resist wind pressure, thermal stress or both.

2. When broken, the glass fragments are more similar in size and shape to annealed glass fragment.

3. Twice as strong as annealed glass from the same thickness.


1. It is used on both interior and exterior of building facades, corner windows, skylights, display windows and interior decor.


1. Always carefully checked that the upper and lower frames are vertically positioned.

2. It is better to use the actual-size drawings, when ordering curved glass and frames.

3. Use the wooden guideline in order to obtain the precise shape.

Product Size (MM) Product Thickness (MM)
Type of Process  Minimum  Maximum  Minimum Maximum
Bended Glass  1000mm x 1000mm  3660mm x 2440mm  4.6mm  10mm
Color  Clear, Bronze, Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, A Blue, Cld Blue, Green, Light Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey